NBC Guest Moorings and Transients

  • Posted on: 1 June 2017
  • By: Gary Schneidman

(follow this link for detailed instructions on guest mooring locations and useful information for visitors)


By Land: 59 Gedney Street, Nyack, NY
By Water: 41 05' 32" N 73 54' 49"W (about 1.2 miles Northwest of Tappan Zee Bridge Channel)

Nyack Boat Club welcomes visitors and has six (6) guest moorings available for transients making their way up or down the Hudson River. Guest moorings are available at a small charge for either day use ($10/day) or overnight ($25/night).

We do not take reservations for guest moorings, but space is usually available, except during a large-scale regatta when out-of-town regatta participants may occupy all the guest moorings (see our calendar).

Depth at low tide:

10+ ft. at all guest moorings
6+ ft. at our touch-and-go dock (east end of pier)
5 ft. at our outer finger dock (south side of pier)
6+ ft. at our mast dock (north side of pier)

Guest moorings can be found in the southeast corner of our mooring field. Each one has a pendant mooring buoy (cylinder shape, not a ball, with two pendants laid on top, out of the water – see image, you may not find a pick-up stick, only two pendants lying on top).

Guest Mooring Procedure

The Nyack Boat Club Launch monitors VHF Channel 9. Please contact our launch operator to inquire about a guest mooring We offer launch service from May through October – from mid-May to mid-September the launch operates Monday – Friday, 4 pm to 9 pm, and Saturday/Sunday 9 am to 9 pm. Launch Schedule

If you arrive when our launch is not in service, you may pick up a guest mooring and later register with our launch operator.

NOTE: When you depart, please be sure to lay pendants on top of mooring buoy, dry and out of the water.

Please inform our launch operator how long you intend to stay and pay our launch operator (cash or personal check payable to “Nyack Boat Club”). Once ashore, at the clubhouse please be sure to sign our guest register (in the front hall).

Guest mooring fees are $10 for use for a single day between dawn and dusk, or $25 per night (we will charge you $25 the first night and then $25 for each sunset that you occupy the guest mooring). We limit use of our guest mooring to 5 consecutive nights.

Note for members of HRYRA clubs only, we offer complimentary use of our guest mooring for one night at a time.

Enjoy your visit!

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