Membership Information

Prospective members should download a Membership Application Form and send a PDF scan of the completed application to [email protected] or snail mail to James Luce, Secretary, NBC Admissions Committee 29 Kings Ridge Road, Warwick, NY 10990-2639. Applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview at the Club.

2017 Board of Governors

Bill Mann Commodore
Paul Kisala Vice Commodore
Gene Cohen Rear Commodore Facilities
Eric Baumes Rear Commodore Programs
Osman Kurtulus Cheif Financial Officer
Karen Horton Secretary
Kaprel Ozsolak Treasurer
Prateek Rishi Financial Secretary
Holly Cullen Governor
Diane Deveau Governor
Bill Mayo Governor
Jason Nunn Governor
Steve Roland Governor
Amy Villalba Governor

Current Fees


  • Initiation fee $715.28
  • Junior Member Initiation Fee (per year for five years) $143.06
  • Annual membership dues $715.28
  • Snack bar chit $100.00


  • Dry-sail space large $298.03
  • Dry-sail space medium $243.84
  • Dry-sail space small $189.66
  • Mooring (includes launch service) $460.59
  • Sunfish rack space $108.38
  • Pram/Dinghy rack $43.45
  • Locker $36.85
  • Winter storage (max 30', 10,000 lbs) $18.42/ft
8.375% sales tax is included where appropriate.
Memberships beginning September 1st or later will have a reduction of annual dues to $357.64, and the snack bar chit fee will not be charged.

Further information

Our phone is not staffed. Send us an email at [email protected]. and include a phone number, if you want a return call.