Thistle Fleet

The Thistle, a 17-foot open boat with a plumb bow and stern first appeared at Nyack in the early 1950s. The boat was designed in 1946 by Sandy Douglass and carries 191 sq. ft. of mainsail and jib, and 220 sq. ft. of spinnaker. The planing ability of the Thistle was attractive to racing skippers, and the popularity of this three-person centerboard boat soon grew.  The Thistle has proven to be an excellent boat for the Tappan Zee and has been a major contributor to the support of sailing at the Nyack Boat Club. Read more about Thistle Fleet #41.

Kat Esswein, Fleet Captain
Don Dexter, Social Chair
Sarah Hatsell, Fleet Secretary

For over sixty years, Thistle Fleet 41has enjoyed the thrill of sailing this time-tested 17 footer.  With ease of launching and a very simple rig, Thistlers maximize time on the water and feel confident the boat is safely stored in the drysail area.  This is a friendly group mixed with highly accomplished racers, daysailers, and crews brought together socially by the affinity for this excellent sloop.  The Thistle is a family-oriented boat and it's design is perfect for sailing on the Tappan Zee.  It is also very portable to easily hit the regatta scene, or enjoy with you on your vacation.  Contact Don Dexter or Kat Esswein to learn more about what's happening this season.

Thistle Fleet 41

Thistle Fleet 41 launches their lightweight powerful race boats from the waterfront for regular Sunday afternoon club racing.  This design is also simple to transport and so the Thistlers can also be seen trailering off to regattas near and far for fun both on and off the water.