Ensign Fleet 51

Rick Feldman, Fleet Captain
Fran Schept, Fleet Treasurer/Secretary

The Ensign was designed by Carl Alberg originally as a stable and comfortable day sailor. It's full length keel, large, open cockpit and manageable sail area insure many days of fun and relaxation on the water.

If you are interested in one design racing at Nyack Boat Club the Ensign might be just what you are looking for. When rigged with its big overlapping genoa and large spinnaker,the Ensign becomes a very responsive and competitive racer. A strong class organization guarantees equal competition in a one design fleet.

Though you may not see the Ensign planing around the race course, neither will you see white knuckles when the wind really pipes up! The wide variety of sails allowed by the class rules give all sailors, regardless of experience, the ability to compete in conditions from a slight breeze to 25 knots. The time proven design of the Ensign emphasizes boat handling and tactics, rather than flat-out boat speed.

Young children, "seniors" and everyone in-between are comfortable on an Ensign. It is equally at home with 6 or 8 knots on a comfortable day sail or 2 to 4 in an exciting race. It has been said that the Ensign feels "like sailing a little big boat."