Lightning Racing May 22

  • Posted on: 24 May 2016
  • By: Peter Browne


After 3 weeks of blow-outs, Lightning Fleet 75 finally returned to the river with two races.   Four boats on the line (Lucky Dog with Daniel at the helm), Heartbreaker with Stephanie steering, Peter on Mauvais Garcon, and Dick sailing Flash.   The day started with a big system generating a northerly breeze and we set off on an L2 course.  With a big rightie shift after the start, it was a parade to the first mark, with Peter out front.   After a quick jibe, the next leg didn’t produce any shifts in position as we sailed straight down to the leeward mark and back up for another lap.    Results:  1) Mauvais Garcon; 2) Heartbreaker, 3) Lucky Dog, 4) Flash.     Race 2 was, well, sailed in lighter breezes.     With the same northly getting fickle, we started off with a nice breeze from the north and an ebbing tide.   Dick won the start but everyone was late due to the adverse tide.   The wind got lighter and lighter, then we hit the Doldrums.   It was grim!   Would the northerly re-appear, or would we all be swept down river?  Amy anchored Mauvais Garcon using “stealth” technology (no clanking or splashing ) which provided a strategic advantage.   But that breeze.   Where in the world did it go?  Oh, there it is, a good 10 knot sea breeze; from the south.    Breeze filled in and we got sailing again.   Daniel was able to snooker his way past Stephanie and grab second.     Results for Race 2:  1) Mauvais Garcon 2) Lucky Dog; 3) Heartbreaker, 4) Fl

So the day brought us a wind range of 0-12, and a 180 degree wind shift.  So, a pretty typical day on the Tappan Zee.   Next two weekends will bring us two day regattas with Memorial Day ad the Magnus Pedersen, so we can be grateful we’ve blown away the cobwebs.   It was great to see our fleet back on the water and welcome to our new fleet members.