Constant Contact

  • Posted on: 18 October 2016
  • By: Eric Baumes

Club announcements via Constant Contact

Over the summer the Board of Governors moved from using the club’s listserv ([email protected] to Constant Contact ([email protected]) for official club announcements. There were a few key reasons for making this move.

1.     We have had ongoing problems with some members (including Board Members) not being able email the list. Sometimes these emails would wind up in spam folders and sometimes they would disappear altogether.

2.     Some members, concerned with the amount of email and discussion on the members list wanted to opt out while still receiving important club announcements.

3.     As the club moves more to email for communication we wanted to have a more robust platform for creating and managing “official communications”.

With the new system there are a few key differences to bear in mind.

1.     The new system is announcement only. It is not designed for discussion. If you reply to the email the message will be discarded without being read.

2.     Only people designated by the board may send email via this system. The listserv will remain for member to membership communication and discussion.

3.     While Constant Contact is more reliable than the listserv, messages may still end up in your spam folder. For most email systems this can be remedied with these two steps. First locate the email in your spam filter and mark as “Not Spam”. Second add [email protected] to your address book. You may need to consult your email provider for the exact steps for your email system.