Adult Sailing


Adult Sailing

The adult sailing program is a loosely woven program that offers a sense of structure and skill development - while retaining the fun of sailing. Available to adult Club members who want to develop their own comfort level and individual capability out on the water, the 2009 program is hosted by Ensign Fleet 51.


The program will follow the USSA "Small Boat Sailor", which covers 14 points of sailing dinghies, keel and centerboard daysailors. Each participant will receive his or her own copy and the Ensign skippers will train using the 13 points as the syllabus. As each trainee demonstrates proficiency, the skipper initials & dates the item in the booklet. The booklet becomes a passport as an official record of verified small boat sailing skills demonstrated by the owner of the booklet.

Topics to be covered include:

  1. Rigging/Unrigging
  2. Knots/Lines
  3. Departure/Landing
  4. Rules
  5. Steering
  6. Safety
  7. Tacking/Jybing
  8. Wind direction
  9. Points of Sail
  10. Overboard Recovery
  11. Out of Irons
  12. Upwind/Downwind Sailing
  13. Bonus – Sailing Backwards

Adult Sailing will meet once a week for eight weeks, through June and July. Presently, we are considering Thursdays starting at 6:00PM. 2 points of the syllabus will be covered each week, during the first seven sessions. This will leave the 8th session available for a "putting it all together" racing date in which the trainees will race the boats. Kind of a "Bet my rookies can beat yours," sort of thing. (losing skipper buys a round).

For questions about the program or to find out if there is available room, simply email Rick Feldman ([email protected])